Working with Breakfast
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

During the month of October and the early part of November I worked with Breakfast as a specialist brand identity creative on a couple of branding projects. Breakfast are an advertising agency based in the very cool and vibey, and very accessible Soho in central London.

This has been the first time I've ever worked with an advertising agency and the experience has been a refreshing change from the studio cultures that I tend to find in the brand consulting and other related below-the-line studios such as corporate reporting. I found the atmosphere at Breakfast to be more open and casual, the working process more iterative and exploratory but no less serious or lacking in intellectual rigour. Breakfast are a small but very smart agency who adapt to their clients' requirements by bringing in specialist skills when needed.

On the strength of my advice proposed to Breakfast's client a couple of weeks previous a three week brand identity concept development stage was secured and I was brought in to fullfil this expectation. The project was to create a brand identity for an exciting new molecular science technology aimed at big businesses who consume vast quantities of fuel – the value proposition of this new technology is cost-based sustainability through lower fuel usage and related environmental benefits. These large scale businesses are in the haulage industry, shipping and railways at the moment. In the foresee-able future this is likely to also include the aviation industry as well as other large scale fuel-dependent operations. So far a number of benchmark trials have secured the business potential of this technology and the project has the backing of serious investors. There is also a major secondary business of water purification aimed at government level agencies as well as a number of other potential business applications that are yet to be proven. I'll explain the business in more detail when I show the work but for now it suffices to mention only the name, Small Science, which was created by Breakfast.

The second project involved name generation for another new business in the assistance industry based in the UK. The assistance industry typically brings the services of local providers and large insurance aggregators together in a seamless customer experience on behalf of various brands. For this I scaled up the name generation package I normally offer to start-ups and worked up a selection of three final names into potential brand stories for a final name choice by the board.

Not having a hierarchy of 'design-know-it-alls' breathing down my back I was left to do what I do best and the guys at Breakfast supported me where necessary, gave me what I asked for and provided excellent feedback on the work I created. Click on the Breakfast brandmark above to find out more about the agency.