Asterisk – Forex Hedge Fund
Thursday, February 3, 2011

After internal discussions and discussions with potential investors a final choice from the three routes I presented in February last year was made by the newly named start-up Forex Hedge fund, Asterisk. The route chosen was the most straightforward concept and appeared to make sense for a mass online market.

The idea related most directly to the asterisk used to denote foreign goods, a conceptual parallel for trading in foreign currencies – and the return on investments (ROI) made trading in the differences between currencies. Click on the small visuals above to view the Asterisk case study, where you can see the overall process as well as download the full concept presentation.

The brandline 'Maximising Returns' suggests that returns on investments are maximised by Asterisk. It suggests that going for a mass market returns ie. that 'going big' returns. And, it is also a potential subliminal prompt for customers to 'go big' with their investments.