Forex hedge fund start-up
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In late 2009 I was approached to develop a brand identity for an investment program based on sporting arbitrage. However, due to technical challenges and laws regarding betting, the project turned into an online hedge fund dealing on Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets with no minimum investment required.

The main objective was to instill confidence in experienced as well as first-time traders, in competition to the High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) available online. HYIPs is an industry that suffers from an extremely poor reputation as most offers are scams. This new venture was to distance itself as much as possible from HYIPs.

After numerous email exchanges and a single Skype messenger chat I was commissioned to develop a name and brand identity. Notably, I had never spoken to the client in order to secure the commission. It seems that my emails were enough to instill confidence in what has proved to be a rewarding business relationship. Perhaps, fittingly, this remote treatment from my client was some sort of confidence test reflective of the task at hand. A task that was to create a secure and robust online Forex trading brand backed by ambitious but private principle traders determined to create a credible investment experience for a mass market.

As there are a number of stages and significant strategic changes to the outcome of this client relationship I'll post a commentary on the evolution of this project in news entries to follow. Click on the image above to see the project entry in my portfolio.