Idea – Technology dot Consulting
Sunday, May 8, 2011

In November and December of last year I worked as part of a large team of senior brand creatives on Siegel+Gale's branding of the restructuring of Adecco. Idea is Adecco's technology consulting arm, formed from the merger of Idea Integration, Glotel, Idea and Ajilon Consulting.

As part of Adecco, a global HR firm, Idea puts a strong emphasis on finding and maintaining the right people for the job. The merged firm makes the best of the exemplary track records of the four companies in IT solutions for large organisations. The newly formed Idea sees itself as the 'no BS' Information Technology solutions firm that 'cuts to the chase' and just gets the job done at no unnecessary cost, and without the long drawn-out consulting procedures that plague the industry. Idea makes smart choices from tried and tested technologies and off-the-shelf solutions and services, and works to demystify technology in a version of consulting on IT technology that they consider 'the real deal' for their clients.

Idea presents itself as an extension to their clients' businesses but also as a point of completion in terms of finding the most cost effective IT solutions. This is the primary idea in the Idea brandmark. The dot indicates an extension much like a computer file extension and after the dot the name stands as a point of finality.

For the first time as a senior brand creative none of my initial seed ideas were put forward to the client. My route was cut close to the end of the concepts development process and I undertook to build the dot idea route as a brand (and as it appears in my portfolio); for which the original seed idea was originated by another senior designer on the team.

Although the initial seed idea wasn't mine I was almost entirely responsible for the creative authorship of the sophisticated brand messaging system and the final designed form of the overall Idea brand identity. The brand messaging formula as well as the content put forward to the client produced an 'aha' moment internally after the strategist, at first puzzled, realised the strength of the idea. And, judging by the proliferation of ideas for the messaging on the Idea website it seems it did not take much to convince the client that our idea for their firm was a good one.

Click on the image above to see the entry in my portfolio.