Modis – The brandmark
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In November last year I was called in to Siegel+Gale to help develop brand identity concept routes for the new Modis. Three routes were already in place when I joined but the brandmarks for all the routes weren't quite working for the senior Creative Director.

In light of the now ubiquitous and largely useful notion that a logo is not a brand it's important to point out that a brandmark is part of many other types of marks that make up a brand experience. I develop all the types of marks that work in concert to describe a brand identity (in order to do justice to, enhance or even determine the brand experience on offer) but the design of the primary mark is my particular speciality. This component of my skill-set is especially useful when budgets are tight and only a limited set of brand-marks are required.

Had I not been committed to Allen International I would've been involved earlier in the project when thoughts determining the main thrust of the routes were more critical. Constrained by time and the ideas already in place I concentrated on developing brandmarks only.

The route for which I'd designed the mark above was all about connections. I proposed that the identity idea be 'Uncommon Connections' and not just 'Connections'. The strategist felt that although insights are indeed well-presented as 'Uncommon Connections' that 'Uncommon' might be seen to be negative and so 'Exceptional Connections' made the final cut.

Click on the brandmark above to go to the entry in my portfolio. I had no hand in choosing the colour so I've presented the chosen brandmark and concept brandmarks in black and white.