Identity Designed features Asterisk Investments
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Towards the end of last year David Airey approached me to submit work for his latest blog, Identity Designed. Identity Designed marks a significant shift away from what I call dedicated logo design towards a more comprehensive brand identity consulting for online publicity-oriented designers such as David.

David originated and still maintains the widely publicised and largely successful blog Logo Design Love. The name says it all. Logo Design Love tends to attract young logo-obsessed designers of which there appear to be untold scores online, hoping, no doubt, that their logo design talents will get noticed.

David and I have had a number of email interactions and I've participated on Logo Design Love on occasion, mostly in relation to the declaration that logos are dead by Simon Manchipp. I like to think that David's shift in focus towards brand identity design has been influenced by the position I've been advocating about the limits of design and the relevancy of brand identity design and consulting, and that ideas about brands are becoming much more than logos in the mainstream media as a result.

Logo Design Love still has a place and, impressively, last year Peachpit published Logo Design Love the book, which also featured one of my projects, Kerling, and has gone on to be a top-selling design book on Amazon. I've recently bought the book and will feature Kerling as a published piece in my portfolio sometime soon.

The origins of Identity Designed aside, last Friday I submitted one of my latest start-up brand identity projects, Asterisk Investments. Although this opens me up to naive criticism it's been great to demonstrate the project somewhere other than on my website. I'm very proud of this brand identity as the firm is an exciting new type of investment offering catering for high-net worth private investors and looks set to achieve extraordinary results.

I believe that the brand identity I created for Asterisk investments is particularly insightful and demonstrates (and enhances) the strengths of the firm. Identity Designed has provided me with a good opportunity to showcase just how a brand identity is much more than what design can do for brands.

Click on the image above to see Asterisk Investments as featured on Identity Designed.